Words Words Words 2

Thursday August 11, 2011 12:00AM
There isn’t much that I love more than the people I love. And cryptography. And mathematics. And physics. And animals. And good music. And art. And murder mysteries.

So, fine, there’s a lot that I’m into. But my love of words and language is totally up there, almost as high as my love of numbers.

I dig the way that mere bunches of letters convey actual meaning. As you know from the first of my Words Words Words series, I’m drawn to the quirks of language, the unexpected extra meanings that words can impart. (You know what I mean: words that sound differently than they’re spelled, words that have double meanings, words that are just generally funky.)

Don’t laugh, but this really is what I think about on my free time. Recently, I took a beautiful day hike and, as I spoke about the mountain scene with my companion, I realized that that day’s very tale was an example of our language’s quirkiness. I hope you enjoy it.

This is today,
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