Practice Theorem

Saturday January 1, 2011
Ah, the tutorial. Getting the hang of something new, like solving my Theorems, is all about starting at the basics. Think back to your nose-picking days in elementary school. In a lot of ways, mastering a Theorem like this is as simple as learning the alphabet and how to count—you just need to practice reading and writing.

Look closely, and you should find that this tutorial Theorem is as easy as ABC 123.

This is today,

I'm M, and I'll be your guide. I founded The Master Theorem years ago as a Members-only society of puzzle-solvers, but anyone with the determination to join us can earn Membership by submitting the solution to this or any week's puzzle, called a Theorem. The solution will be in the form of a word or a phrase. As a Member, you'll have the chance to search for hidden Seals throughout the website and compete with other Members by earning points for all of your efforts.

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