Of Siberia, Word Parts, and the Not-So-Distant Future

Wednesday September 21, 2016 08:00AM
Not too long ago on a last minute "business" trip, my lackeys and I had to drive through the very extensive, but oddly beautiful, Siberian wilderness. Somewhere between Irkutsk and Kamensk, P turned away from his pensive gaze out the window at a nearby lake and smiled, "Can you think of a word that has BMA in it as a whole?"

SUBMARINE obviously wasn't too hard for N, O, and me to get, especially while surrounded by constant reminders of the Cold War and Soviet-era Russia. But it was certainly interesting to think that a strange letter combination like BMA could exist in english, and it spawned a fantastic word game we've been playing with each other to this very day.

Want to see if you've got what it takes to play P's game? Here's your shot.

At the right you'll find 8 letter combinations that are a bit, shall we say, atypical. Perhaps that's because I've ensured each one appears in only one common word in the entire english language. [Insert maniacal laugh here.]

See if you can find each one. Remember, the letter combination needs to appear in the word together as a whole, without any other letters or spaces between them. If you get 'em all right, maybe we’ll let you play again soon...

This is today,
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