Thursday December 15, 2011 12:00AM
My favorite ice cream? Chocolate chip cookie dough.

My favorite fictional role model? James Bond.

Both of those, choices, I'm sure, are self-evident. Because they're the best of the best. So I'm sure you can understand why some of my best memories are of eating cookie dough ice cream while I play 007 on Nintendo 64 with my cryptographer friends.

The key to doing well against my friends is sneakiness. Cryptographers never play fair, so you can always find them stashed away on a roof somewhere with a sniper rifle, or hogging the sole spot where the rocket launcher re-spawns.

These sneaky guys prefer to kill off the useless chaff from a distance rather than jump headfirst into the action. That's why my absolute favorite mode to battle them with is ...

This is today,
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